Enjoy Plant-Based Snacks With 20G Protein

No Sugar. Gluten-Free. KETO

  • Enjoy Ceres Vegan Emblem


    Proudly vegan-friendly and made exclusively from 100% plant-based ingredients.

  • Enjoy Ceres Keto Emblem


    Thoughtfully formulated to be keto-friendly, containing 4g total carbs or less per serving.

  • Enjoy Ceres "Palm Oil Free" Emblem

    Palm-Oil Free

    We are palm-oil free, utilizing the natural goodness of coconut oil as a sustainable alternative.

  • Enjoy Ceres "No Sugar" Icon

    Low or No Sugar

    Carefully crafted with low sugar content (<5g) or no sugar at all, and completely free from artificial sweeteners.

  • Enjoy Ceres "Gluten-Free" Icon


    GFCO Gluten-Free Certified, ensuring a delicious and safe option for individuals with gluten sensitivities.

  • Enjoy Ceres "Digestive Friendly" Icon


    Created to be gut-friendly, using natural, easily digested ingredients that are suitable for the majority of people.

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  • NFL Player Nick Anderson holds a bag of Enjoy Ceres Plant Protein Crunch on the football field

    Nick Anderson, NFL Player (5-Stars)

    "An easy and delicious way to get clean protein"

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  • Tennis Player Jamie Loeb and Enjoy Ceres

    Jamie Loeb, Tennis Player (5-Stars)

    "Crunchy and tasty. Easily a new obsession."

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  • Indie Artist Snny and Enjoy Ceres

    Snny, Muscician (5-Stars)

    "As a Vegan, it's often hard for to get enough protein. Not anymore."

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