The Nostalgic Nutrition of the Nineties

The Nostalgic Nutrition of the Nineties

 As a "90s baby" (sorta) born in 1999, I might have missed out on the decade's trends, but as a young child, I witnessed the aftermath of the food revolution that swept through the United States during that time. Luckily, two older sisters filled me in on the noticeable changes. Fast forward to today, and boy, have things changed! Let's look at how our approach to nutrition has shifted since the 1990s, focusing on the rise of the plant-based diet and the re-emergence of 90s-inspired candy and feel-good snacks, but with a healthy twist.

One major shift that has taken place since the 1990s is the growing popularity of plant-based diets. Back then, a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle might have seemed alien to many, but now it's all the rage! People are increasingly recognizing the health benefits and sustainability of eating more plants. Plant-based burgers that taste like meat? Count me in! The demand for plant-based alternatives has skyrocketed, and restaurants, food companies, and even fast-food chains are hopping on the plant-based bandwagon, offering delicious and innovative options for all to enjoy.

But hold on folks! While embracing the wonders of plant-based eating, we must remember the nostalgic treats from the 90s that once filled our lunch boxes. Remember those colorful candies and satisfying snacks? Well, guess what? They're back, but this time with a healthier twist. Candy companies like Smart Sweets and Behave have taken our favorite childhood indulgences and revamped them to fit into our conscious, health-conscious lives. Now we can satisfy our sweet tooth with lower sugar content and natural ingredients without guilt. It's like a delicious blast from the past but without the sugar crash!

Speaking of 90s nostalgia, let's talk about granola. It was all the rage back then, but if you peeked at the ingredients, you'd often find a not-so-healthy surprise: sugar and lots of it. But fear not, my friends, because times have changed! The new era of granola is here, and it's all about balance and nourishment. Companies like Enjoy Ceres have introduced a game-changer called Plant Protein Crunch. It's like the super granola of the 90s, with that old-school crunch we all love, but without the added sugar. Plus, it packs a whopping 20g of plant protein! It's the perfect way to start your day, fuel your workouts, or enjoy it as a guilt-free snack.

As I reflect on these shifts in our nutrition landscape, I can't help but feel excited about what the future holds. How will our food choices continue to evolve? What new trends and innovations will emerge? One thing's for sure: as we move forward, it's all about balancing nostalgic indulgence and mindful eating. So, whether you're a fan of the plant-based movement or craving a healthy twist on your favorite childhood treats, there's no denying that our approach to nutrition in the United States has come a long way. Stay tuned, folks, because the journey is far from over!

Keep savoring the flavors of life, and until next time, stay curious and keep exploring!


Rich Simmerman ; Enjoy Ceres Co-Founder 


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