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Enjoy Ceres Founding Team Jumping, Left Trevor Docherty, Middle Left Branson Morgan, Middle Right Rich Simmerman, Right Lane Degenhardt

Friends Who Love Sustainable Snacking

Our story begins in Louisiana, where a group of friends who grew up in food deserts decided to challenge the status quo.

Despite being surrounded by fertile lands that could produce fresh and nutritious food, our local grocery stores were filled with boxes of junk and unhealthy snacks.

Determined to break this cycle, we came together and founded Enjoy Ceres. We believe in the power of sustainable snacks that not only taste good but are also accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to provide a healthier alternative to the prevailing options, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life can enjoy delicious and nutritious treats without compromising their well-being.

Enjoy Ceres Pineapple in a Desert

Our Values

Make Plant-Based More Accessible

We're dedicated to making plant-based nutrition accessible for all communities, believing in the health benefits and environmental impact of adding more plants to our diets. Our mission is to promote inclusivity, awareness, and equal access to plant-based options, fostering a healthier future for everyone.

Water flowing freely in Louisiana Marsh

Our Values

Protect The Planet

We exist to protect the planet through food. We believe that by utilizing non-GMO, plant-based ingredients like the ones we use at Enjoy Ceres, we can make a positive impact on natural ecosystems and significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with animal agriculture.

Woman basking in a pool with fresh fruit

Our Values

Feed Happiness

We're passionate about feeding happiness through natural, plant-based nutrition. We believe that what we eat directly affects our energy levels and mental well-being, and by providing wholesome, plant-based options, we aim to enhance our customers' experiences with increased vitality and improved mental health.